Without precedent for a long time, a non-Castro will run Cuba

Cuba is presenting the beginning of the national gathering session where another president to succeed Raul Castro will be chosen, Cuban state-run Radio Rebelde said on Monday.

The gathering had initially been set to meet on Thursday yet will now meet on Wednesday.

“This choice has been embraced to encourage the advancement of the means that a session of such significance requires,” Radio Rebelde composed on its site.

On Thursday, 86-year-old Raúl Castro will advance down as Cuba’s leader, the first run through in over 40 years the nation won’t be driven by a Castro sibling. Originators of Cuba’s 1959 comrade transformation, both Raúl and his more established sibling Fidel Castro straightforwardly formed the nation’s history and its part in control flow over the globe.

Presently everyone’s eyes are on Miguel Díaz-Canel — seen by numerous as Raúl’s hand-picked successor as the country’s next pioneer, NBC News announced. Specialists say that Díaz-Canel filled in as the nation’s VP with no hiccups, so his height is just common.

Díaz-Canel headed the Communist Party of Cuba in Villa Clara area from 1994 to 2003, when the nation was experiencing an extreme monetary emergency after the fall of the Soviet Union, which had intensely financed the island country.

“Some have hypothesized on Díaz-Canel’s direct perspectives in any case, in the previous year, he has taken an undeniably hard line, stressing the continuation of Cuba’s single-party political framework and halfway arranged economy,” the NBC report included.

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